Burn Quark to make it free

Amont to Burn for Fee Exemption: 0 QUARK

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Burned Amount: 0 QUARK


Remaining amount to burn for fee exemption: 0 QUARK ~ 0.00 USD

At our marketplace, we`ve introduced a unique contract specifically crafted for Quark investors. Through this option, investors have the option to burn a specified amount of Quark. By executing this action, their digital wallet will be granted a special status, allowing them to transact on the marketplace without any fees. This initiative is set in place to reward our most dedicated supporters and simultaneously fortify the Quark ecosystem.

⚠️ Warning: When you burn tokens, you are permanently removing them from your wallet. These tokens, and their value, can never be retrieved ⚠️

Quark NFT

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